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Combine sales and inventory analytics from all of your accounts in one place. Getting connected and setup is as easy as logging into your selling accounts through the secure mobile app.

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Glance = Simplicity

How does Glance work?

Glance pulls sales and inventory data from your e-commerce sites and compiles that data for you. Easy data sorting and reporting tools within the app will dramatically shorten the time necessary to make ordering and purchasing decisions.


Everything you need and nothing you don't

Stop wasting time jumping between account dashboards and reloading browsers to get updated sales and inventory data. Glance solves this problem once and for all.

Real-time Analytics

Stay up to date and with sales from your platforms in real-time. Glance dashboard often reports sales and inventory numbers before the seller account dashboards.

Advanced Security

Unlike some other platforms, Glance encrypts your data so you and only you will ever see it. Enable authentication on the app to require authentication or pin code access.

Ridiculously Fast

Glance dashboards are fast, like really fast. We use a combination of pre-calculation and just-in-time performance improvements, so you don't get stuck waiting for data to load.

World-Class Support

Chat live with a knowledgeable support team and resolve questions and issues quickly. You can also quickly search our help database for FAQs and related articles.

Extremely Simple

Glance is the easiest analytics tool you'll ever use. From its intuitive design, easy to follow support, and one-click customer support button, you'll be confident.

SKU Drill Down

Glance allows you to drill down on data right to the SKU. Look at any day, week, or month from this year or last. Compare data to the previous period or the previous year.

Simple Pricing

One low price for everything you need to make better sales decisions

Unlimited Selling Accounts
Stop checking multiple websites or apps every day. Stop using spreadsheets to track product sales across various accounts. Connect all of your platforms and track your sales data in one place.
Unlimited Sales
There is no limit on the number of products or sales you can monitor on Glance. Whether you make one sale or one million sales, Glance can handle the reporting for you.
No Hidden Fees
We made Glance to help ecommerce sellers be better. We want to make it as cheap as possible so you can use it and grow your sales.
Chat Support
You're never on your own. Get chat support right from the app with a click of a button.


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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Q: Does Glance combine my sales from all of my ecommerce accounts or does it report it by account?
A: Both and then some. Glance has a wide variety of built in filters and sorting functionality so you can view your sales and stock data in any way that makes the most sense for your business.
Q: Can I generate reports from the Glance data?
A: Yes and it couldn’t be easier. Once you have the data sorted and filtered simply tap the Report button and the Glance servers will generate the report and shoot it directly to your inbox in minutes.
Q: Can I generate reports from the Glance data?
A: Yes and it couldn’t be easier. Once you have the data sorted and filtered simply tap the Report button and the Glance servers will generate the report and shoot it directly to your inbox in minutes.
Q: What format are Glance reports in?
A: By default, Glance will generate reports in native Excel format so you can easily manipulate the data for purchasing or creating custom reports.
Q: Is responsive tech support available for Glance or is it the old email and wait game?
A: We know supporting our customers is paramount to the success on both sides of a product so we baked on-demand tech support right into the app. From within the Glance app you can search the help database, shoot us an email or even chat with a live support representative.
Q: Is Glance difficult to setup?
A: When designing Glance we knew that the initial linking of your accounts had to be simple and quick. The end result is as simple as signing into each of your seller accounts and the Glance servers will do all the work.
Q: How does Glance handle a single product that is listed under multiple SKU’s?
We knew up front the difficulty sellers have when trying to combine sales data from multiple same item SKU’s. We also knew it was one of the largest opportunities to shine with Glance so we created Aliases. Glance Aliases allow you to create a master reporting SKU and then associate as many same item SKU’s ask you like. You can view your Glance data by Aliases and your sales and stock data will be automatically combined for each SKU associated with each Alias. This is commonly referred to as a Game Changer!

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